5 Letter Words

What To Know About The 5 Letter Words Game?

This is a puzzle game requiring players to spot the hidden five-letter English word of the game within 6 tries. Many players mistake this title for Wordle. Despite nearly having identical features in many aspects, this variant can be regarded as an upgraded version of the original Wordle game.

There are many adjustments you can opt for in the 5 Letter Words game that make it even more exciting.

Is It Simple To Play The 5 Letter Words Game?

Yes, the 5 Letter Words game may be the simplest game you have ever played.

In this game, you will form a five-letter English word from the alphabetical letters within six attempts to find the hidden word of the game. You can make your guess with the physical keyboard or via the virtual one on the screen. Don’t forget to submit your guess by pressing the Enter button.

After each word is submitted, you will get hints from the game. The hints will be displayed under colored letters:

  • The gray color indicates that the letter is nothing related to the secret word. Using a gray letter will never lead you to a win.
  • The yellow letter demonstrates that you are making the right choice but still need a little adjustment. You must put the yellow letter in another position of the word.
  • The green color is a sign of a perfect guess. When all 5 letters go green, you win the game.
  • What Are Upgraded In The 5 Letter Words Game?

  • Adjustable Number Of Letters: Instead of playing with 5-letter words only, players in the 5 Letter Words game can modify the number of letters in a word to make the game more challenging.
  • Hard Mode: In this Mode, after the colored hints appear (the yellow and green ones), the next words you create must include all the colored letters.
  • Unlimited Mode: In the original Wordle game, you have one word to guess a day. Yet, in the 5 Letter Words Game, you will have an unlimited number of hidden words to guess until you get bored of the game.
  • Word Generator: The Word Generator function allows you to create a secret word and then send the game’s link to your friends and challenge them to find it.
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