Introduction Quordle

Quordle is one of the best puzzle games you can play in your free time. The new variation with the familiar concept of word guessing yet with more words will take the game to the next level.

Let’s see what information you need to learn to become a skillful player in the Quordle game. Dive right in!

What Is Quordle?

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Quordle is a fantastic word game with unique rules that surely take you by surprise. You can expect a new experience like riding a roller coaster when figuring out the twist of this game.

The game is based on the concept of Wordle game with a similarity in the guessing format. However, the difference is that you are required to solve four words simultaneously in nine attempts to win the round.

The increase in the number of hidden words makes Quordle more exciting since you have limited moves to guess all the answers in a limited time. It also offers two options for choosing the most suitable mode: the daily puzzle and the unlimited practice puzzle.

How To Play Quordle Game?

With only nine tries to find out all four secret words, it is a real challenge for you to have the best strategy. Each time you enter a letter, it will apply to all four missing words.

Noticing the color change is the best hint for you to know whether the word is correct or not.

If the letter is in the word and the right position, it will turn green. The yellow indicates that the correct word has the predicted letter, but it is in the wrong place. Meanwhile, when the color turns gray, you will know your guessing letter is wrong.

How To Have An Excellent Quordle Round?

Choose The First Move Carefully

Since you have only nine tries to answer all four hidden words, it would be best to go with the letter-making as many suitable words as possible. If you don’t pay attention to your first move and try the letter randomly, you will suffer from a lack of ideas.

Make Sure You Know Where To Get Help From

Playing Quordle with your friends is highly recommended for an unforgettable round. Teamwork makes the dream work, and you will find it easier to guess the correct words with the assistance of your friends. Rather than being alone, solving the puzzle with others is far more exciting and easier.

If you still want to challenge yourself and solve the game on your own, there are several websites available for you to rely on. With hints of the game, you can try to form different letters into a meaningful word by searching for possible ways on the searching tool like Google.


After reading the article, we hope you will not consider Quordle a challenging game and are ready to rock it. Knowledge and patience are the two most important conditions for you to win this game. By playing this game, you will stand a chance of learning new words and practicing other skills.

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