Antiwordle Introduction

Does finding the accurate word in a certain number of turns break your perseverance? If yes, come right to Antiwordle - a spin-off with opposite properties. The person who is far from the finish line will become the winner. Scroll down for a detailed gameplay.

Antiwordle - The Flip Side Of Wordle

A game where failure reigns - that's how we describe Antiwordle. Everything in this world inherits from Wordle game except that you are not given the right answer. Does this rule make the game lose its difficulty? The answer is no.

The system blocks some old words which impede trial and error. Instead of random inputs of any letter from the keyboard, your choice narrows down with each turn.

How To Play Antiwordle

Similar to its siblings, you get a 5-word puzzle every day. A single goal to aim for is never to come up with an optimal solution. Players have an unlimited number of tries. The game continues as long as your vocabulary is large enough to work with the remaining letters.

Once you reach the correct answer, the system automatically ends your challenge. The higher the number of turns, the more appreciated you are.

The Antiwordle game has a color scheme similar to other alternatives in its family. Gray indicates that a letter is not included in the keyword.

However, the system removes it from the keyboard, and you must not use it later. If the tile turns yellow, your guess has a position error. When it comes to red, it is bad luck.

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Tips & Tricks To Win Antiwordle

Few Vowels For Starting Words

As you have seen above, Antiwordle possesses weird gameplay. The contrast to Wordle offers an important strategy for the players: do the opposite of what they did to win the old game.

It is best to limit vowels to the opening words. The alphabet has only 5 options, so use them as little as possible. You may be locked out if you enter two to three vowels for the first turn.

Stay Away From Rare Words

Rare letters may be a good strategy in vocabulary games, but they do not make sense for the current challenge. For example, if the correct keyword contains E, calm down. You can play around with the piles of E-containing words without getting caught.

Guess what happens when you enter X, and it turns red. The possibilities reduce in number, and you get closer to the destination. Here is a good choice to start the game.

  • Tuque
  • Quaky
  • Kazoo
  • Jeeze
  • Kooky
  • Double The Yellow

    Unless you enter the hard mode, nothing can stop you from holding the position of the yellow letters. Going on with these options for future turns is a useful way to keep you safe. The obvious error in their spot makes it impossible to form the right words. Then why not?

    Figure Out The Word And Acts Like A Loser

    Going against the rules and the majority does not mean you are wrong. If you go crazy with ambiguity for results, make it explicit. In other words, scour your brain to find keywords and type completely different letters. How you set your strategy and apply it to be the last man standing matters.


    Like other word-guessing games, Antiwordle uniquely expands your vocabulary. Hopefully, you will have a good time with it. Do not hesitate to share your results on social networking platforms. A huge community of participants add fun to your life.

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