Phrazle Introduction

The Wordle game has taken over the Internet for a while. Some players have begun to feel familiar and a bit bored with the 5-word concept. It's time to upgrade your game! Try Phrazle, which aims for a longer mystery keyword to increase your skills.

Phrazle Game - The Domination Of Phrases

Phrazle is a vocabulary game with a significant expansion of the number of letters. Hence, the difficulty is skyrocketing. Instead of single words, this game focuses on meaningful phrases. The possibilities may come from an idiom or an expression.

How To Play Phrazle

Phrazle does not set up a locked grid like its predecessors. The squares fluctuate each day depending on the length of the phrase. The difficulty of the challenge changes randomly.

A plus point is that the system already separates words. Hence, it helps to narrow the scope. The game does not require one meaningful phrase at a time but single words correctly spelled. However, the final result should be the correct expression.

After each input, the squares change color to represent hints. Green means that you are on the right track. Meanwhile, orange indicates the wrong placement of the letter.

When the tile turns purple, the current character belongs to another word in the phrase. It is unlucky when you come across gray. Your guess is absent from the answer.

Tips To Solve The Tricky Puzzle

Crack Phrases Into Individual Words

There is a way to exploit the loophole in the rules and win. You can enter any random words for the first turns and collect as many hints as possible. That's right; it is what you start with Wordle.

Some players have developed a unique tactic: only focus on a single term. When it comes to light, it immediately leads you to the result.

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Take Advantage Of Wordle Skills

If you follow the plan above, Wordle skills become useful. Do not hesitate to apply all the accumulated lessons to this game. An important tactic is the appearance of good starting words that contain many vowels. For instance, trying "feat" instead of "feet" is better.

Additionally, it is unwise to move with repeated characters. Instead, try to make use of the alphabet to eliminate any confounding factors. These tips are probably familiar if you are a loyal fan of other spin-offs.

Do Not Ignore Semantics And Grammar

This tip becomes important when you have reached the last turns. A small mistake may waste all your efforts. Make a logical connection to form a complete phrase.

Also, the grammar should stick in your mind during the elimination process. For example, when you find "THE" in the middle, there's no reason to try possessive pronouns or adjectives before it.


Phrazle is not an easy game, as it requires a richer vocabulary. Some people may struggle for a while to win with a small number of turns. On the bright side, the game is a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with the everyday expressions of native English speakers.

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