What Is Octordle?

Wordle game has created a new wave in the community of word-guessing game enthusiasts. For this reason, many Wordle variants have inspiration from the original version with more interesting gameplay. And Octordle is one of the remarkable candidates.

Kenneth Crawford is the father of the Octordle game. He creates a game that resembles the word-guessing engine of Worlde, but players must finish eight five-letter words within one round instead of a single word. More secret words come with more guessing times. Octordle offers players 13 tries to figure out all the solution words.

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Rules Of Octordle Game

Octordle players must finish a board of eight grids in one round. Briefly, it’s like playing eight Wordle games simultaneously. You can rely on the color signals to properly choose the secret words:

  • The gray color shows that the letter is not in the word.
  • The yellow indicates that the letter is in the word, but you have placed it in the wrong position.
  • The green color means that the letter is in the word and you have precisely placed it.
  • The color is overwhelming initially because you must take care of eight grids at a time. However, you will hardly face a situation in which all the letters of all the grids turn gray. Therefore, you can come up with more potential guesses after each guess.

    How To Count Score In Octordle?

    Octordle shows players’ scores by visualizing them under the number and clock emojis. For example:

  • The number emoji “8” shows that the player spent eight guesses finding the solution word.
  • The clock emoji “11 o’clock” signifies that the player uses eleven guesses for the word. Since there aren’t emojis for a two-digit number, the developer takes advantage of the clock emoji. The “1 o’clock” emoji represents the use of 13 guesses.
  • If you miss a word, a red block will show up. The red emoji will add 14 points to your total point.
  • According to the point-calculating mechanism of Octordle, you can see that the less points you get, the more impressive your play is.

    Octordle Game Modes

    #1. Daily Mode

    The daily mode is typical in any Wordle-like game because it must respect the original gameplay. You will get eight separate secret words in daily mode every day. Then, you must wait until the next day to have another eight words.

    #2. Sequence Mode

    Instead of having the hints from all eight grids, players taking the sequence mode must solve the grid individually. The next grid is visible only when you successfully solve the previous one. You will have 15 guesses in this mode.

    #3 Rescue Mode

    The system will give you four random pre-guessed words. Your mission is to figure out all eight grids within nine tries.

    #4 Challenge Mode

    Many players consider the challenge mode as the theme mode. By that, we mean the challenge mode will force the player to focus on a sole area of words. For example, words about Chemistry, words about Dogs, words about Countries, etc.

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    #5 Casual Mode

    Generally, the casual mode is for players who want to test their word source without the stress of achieving high points or being out of guesses. You can play until you get bored or solve all the secret words in casual mode.

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