Word Wipe

A Quick Introduction Of Word Wipe

Being a word-solving game like Wordle, the Word Wipe game features separate gameplay and rules. In Wordle, players must guess a word by arranging the provided letters into a five-letter English word.

Yet, Word Wipe allows players to click, hold and drag the given letters into a valid English word, and the word must contain at least three letters.

You can form the crossword in every possible direction in Word Wipe. Once the word you create is valid, the letters included in it will disappear. You can move on to a higher or tougher level once you complete a row.

Therefore, you can evaluate your source of English words or compete with other friends by looking at the score on the left. Bear in mind that 100 grades in level 1 are not adequate for 100 grades in level 5.

How To Play The Word Wipe Game

Word Wipe is playable on an Internet-connected device. You can search for the game’s name on browsers, and a list of websites having Word Wipe will drop down. You should go for websites standing in the first positions.

You can use your computer mouse or your finger (if you use a touch-screen device) to click on a letter, hold it, and drag the letter to other letters to create a precise English word.

Then, release your computer mouse or finger to submit your answer. The green color indicates that your choice is correct, and the letters contained in the word will disappear. The more complicated words you can submit, the higher grade you will get.

You can move on to the next level whenever you can eliminate all the letters in one row. For example, if you remove all the letters in the first row, you can head to level 2.

One section in Word Wipe differing from Wordle is the count-down timer. You must complete the word-guessing tasks within 120 seconds. After some easy warm-up rounds, you will face more complex words. Don’t worry. The Bonus Bomb will help you.

However, you must score specific grades to charge the bomb. The Bonus Bomb can explode a square of nine letters with three ones in each row to pave the way for your new arrangements.

How To Improve Your Word Wipe Score?

The only way for you to boost your performance in Word Wipe is to learn more English vocabulary. Furthermore, you should practice playing the game several times to train your reflexes when facing the unorganized provided letters.

If your English vocabulary is already excellent, you should spend time looking for the complicated words instead of the easy three-letter word. The more letters the word you find contains, the higher scores the game will reward you. Sometimes, five-letter words can bring you more scores than some three-letter words combined.

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