Foodle Introduction

Five-word guessing games go viral this year. Do you have difficulty hitting the target due to the wide categories? Looking for a version that aims at a certain niche is better. If you are in search of a great option for culinary passion, Foodle makes your wish come true.

Foodle - A Test For Food Lovers

Foodle is an unofficial version of Wordle created by Daniel Anyanwoke. It takes inspiration from guessing words within the 5 character limit. The biggest difference is that it narrows down the consideration in the gastronomy field.

Most food lovers may fall in love with this version. It challenges your knowledge, but most of all, it offers novel suggestions for your passion. How about adding a new dish to your to-eat list based on the keyword?

About The Foodle Gameplay

Similar to its cousin, Foodle hides a keyword and challenges the players. Of course, it revolves around food and restaurant terms. You have up to six guesses to find the correct answer. After each input, suggestions appear based on color.

In detail, green means you have the correct placement. Changing the letter's position is recommended when its box turns yellow. Unfortunately, the gray color shows that your guess is off track.

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How To Win The Foodle Game In Six Attempts

The Best Starting Options

As mentioned above, you need as many green and yellow hints as possible to guess the hidden term. What is the best way to get off to a good start? Words with multiple vowels are the best strategy. They enable the expected colors to appear on the first turns.

A suggested list includes LADLE, BREAD, and SOUPS. The last keyword should appear on the first entry. Then you can use either of the other two for your next attempt. The variety of characters in these options brings you close to winning.

Focus On Individual Spot

It is a misstep to try to make many inferences about the whole. You can get lost in the huge vocabulary library. The most effective way is to infer from positions and colors.

For example, you should think about the arrangement of the yellow letters if you have 2-3 hints. Arrange until some of them turn green.

Can I Get Back To Previous Challenges?

The Foodle game only offers one puzzle per day to players. It is an uncomfortable limitation. The good news is that you have a trick to return to the previous challenge. This allows beginners to exercise or at least relieve boredom in the meantime.

To unlock past keywords, you should change the date setting on your device. This action mistakenly causes the system to believe that your login happened at a different time. Reload the website and enjoy the old grids.


Foodle is a great stress reliever, though it requires brain activity to win. This game helps expand your understanding of food and vocabulary reasoning through simple gameplay. After you complete the challenge, do not forget to share your result on Twitter. You can make friends with a large community of players with similar interests.

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