What Is Taylordle?

The Wordle game is not a strange name to any puzzle game enthusiast globally. It is not a boast that Wordle has brought a breakthrough in how developers create their word-guessing games.

Wordle attracts players due to its exciting and competitive challenge, easy gameplay, decent graphics, and excellent compatibility. As a result, numerous Wordle variants are released to satisfy the demand of players.

And Taylordle is one of the most awesome games that have inspiration by Wordle. Instead of having the word source with all the English words like the original Wordle, the Taylordle game only asks gamers to work out the secret words related to the world-famous singer Taylor Swift.

You can easily notice that the name “Taylordle” is an interesting pun from “Wordle” and “Taylor Swift”.

Apart from the word sources, Taylordle resembles its original version in many ways, like the rules, hints, and gameplay.

How To Play The Taylordle Game?

You can enjoy Taylordle on the browsers of any smart device with an Internet connection. There are many websites supporting this game.

Playing Taylordle is the same as playing Wordle. The game allows you to arrange a word via the virtual keyboard on the screen or the physical keyboard.

You can type or tap on the screen to form a word. Then, press “Enter” to submit your guess. The Taylordle offers you hints with the three signal colors:

  • The game indicates that the letter is not in the solution word if the letter is gray. So, you should avoid reusing the gray letter in the next try.
  • The orange letter notices that you have picked a precise letter in the hidden word. However, you need to put the letter in another position.
  • The green letter is a pointer of a perfect guess. It means you have to keep the green letter in a fixed position.
  • Taylordle will give you a new challenge daily, so you must wait up to 24 hours to play a new round. Unfortunately, Taylordle is only available in the daily mode, so you can’t play it multiple times in your free time.

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    The separate point that tells the difference between Taylordle and Wordle is the number of letters in a word.

    While Wordle challenges players with five-letter words, Taylordle will randomly alter the number of letters in secret words. In particular, you must guess a word with about four to eight letters in Taylordle.

    Tricks For Taylordle

    You can improve your performances in Taylordle by enriching your knowledge about Taylor Swift, like her songs, special events, information, close friends, albums, or even scandals.

    Although Taylordle doesn’t allow you to re-guess the secret words after finishing all six guesses of the day, you can still cheat by going for the incognito browser. By carrying out this trick, you can guess the daily Taylordle until you figure out the secret word.

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