Sedecordle is considered a form of Wordle game, created in 2022 but soon received popularity among many players. This article is an excellent resource for those who are a beginner or want to learn about it. We'll also provide the easiest way to play Sedecordle, as well as tips and tricks to help you extend the game's achievement chain daily!

What Is Sedecordle?

It is a charade game that challenges players to find hidden words. Sedecordle is like another version of the Wordle game because you have to solve many levels, from easy to complex, and sometimes you can solve many puzzles simultaneously.

However, the Wordle game requires players to guess a word with 5 letters in 6 attempts, while Sedecordle will send you 21 more attempts to guess 5 letters.

This intellectual game will require players to find 5 mysterious letters from 16 vocabulary words. Your main task is guessing each hidden word on the screen to help you count the other terms. The hardest thing to guess is the basis for finding out all the remaining words.

But, you can guess from the suggestions for correct and incorrect answers to guess the next word correctly. For each round, the player will get 21 attempts; if the letters appear gray mean, you can't use them again in the game. Your first guess will apply to all words. The true and false letters will be displayed on each player's game interface.

How To Play Sedecordle?

There are 5 main steps to master this exciting game.

Step 1:

Start Sedecordle in your browser by visiting the game's official website at

Step 2:

Choose Daily Sedecordle or Free Sedecordle according to your wish.

If you want to play daily quizzes, choose Daily Sedecordle. And pick up Free Sedecordle for those players who want to challenge unlimited tasks and practice with words again.

Step 3:

Please familiarize yourself with the icons shown below to take on the challenge.

Puzzle numbers: The numbers are shown consecutively on your device. Each number represents a mysterious word. When you find some suitable words, they turn green, and you can keep track of all these exact words.

Fullscreen: You click this icon được hiển thị như trong hình ảnh bên dưới to play this Game in full screen on your screen.

Back: Use this icon “Back” to return to the main home screen to select another game mode.

New: You click this button to get new puzzles. One note is that only the Free Sedecordl mode can use this option.

Help: This option is displayed by a question mark icon; you use it to get help and brief instructions on how to play.

Step 4:

Start guessing the first word to get a hint. For example, you can guess “Arise” for the first word because there is a focus on the letter displayed.

Step 5:

Guess and try to solve the rest of the challenge.

Scoring Strategy

If you can complete the challenge with the best score possible, you should follow some helpful scoring strategies.

  • You guess the first few letters include some of the most common words and usually don't have repeating letters like SS or CC. Words that start with words like ARISE or SOLVE are suitable for guessing the first letter.
  • Don’t try to solve a word in the first two rounds; this is preferable when you have three or more green tiles. Guessing various words will help you get as many hints as possible about the letters obtained in the Sedecordle game.
  • Make sure you don't miss any words by scrolling down and completing all 16 quizzes.
  • A clever way to play is that you can use scratch paper and a pencil to write down your inferences.
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