8 Letter Words Wordle

8 Letter Words Wordle: Ready For A Brain Teaser?

Looking for advanced word guessing challenges to push your limits? 8 Letter Words Wordle is here for you! Inspired by the famous wordle game, this spin-off raises the bar by extending the keyword length to 8 characters. While the basic gameplay remains the same, it adds some advanced features to elevate your overall experience.

Remember that the number of guesses stays constant. Do you feel confident enough to conquer this new challenge, just as you always have with other Wordle games?

How To Play 8 Letter Words Wordle

When you log into the game, you’ll feel instantly familiar with the main interface. However, it surprises new players since there is nothing else but an empty grid. This setting aligns perfectly with the gameplay, where you must uncover a hidden 8-character word without any initial hints.

Here is how it works: all players strive to unlock the same 8-letter word within 6 turns – the fewer turns you use, the more impressive your performance. After each input, the tile transforms into a new "coat" to indicate how close you are to the target. This version maintains the colored hints like in other variants:

  • Green: You have successfully revealed a part of the correct answer.
  • Yellow: This is a misplaced character; alter its place in your next try!
  • Gray: Unfortunately, the character is not a part of the solution word.
  • Try to transform all the tiles into green color as fast as possible. If you manage to solve the target keyword within the allowed number of attempts, give yourself a big round of applause.

    If you fail to complete the daily challenges, you’d better access the statistics board by tapping on the third icon in the right corner. Review your performance and find ways to refine your strategy. Once you are ready, return to the game and test yourself with a brand-new keyword.

    Interesting Game Modes

    The best part about this version is that you can play as many times as you want each day. To spice up your gameplay, do not hesitate to enable some advanced features:

  • Daily Mode: Every 24 hours, you'll encounter a chain of hidden keywords containing from 3 to 11 characters.
  • Hard Mode: You must incorporate any revealed hints into subsequent guesses.
  • If you often struggle with repeated characters, toggle the Letter Hints option. This feature provides additional clues about characters that appear twice or more in the current keyword.
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