Airportle: A Brain-Tester About IATA codes

As its name suggests, it is inspired by Wordle but with an airport theme. How is that possible? The interesting idea intrigues many gamers, building a large fanbase right from its launch. It is an engaging challenge for those who love to travel as each of their departure and arrival locations now becomes an important advantage to conquer these challenges.

Airportle is also an interesting choice to while away the time at airports. Just look at the flight panel, and you have a great source of information to solve the hidden word. Now, let's learn about its rules before tapping on the Play button.

To Play The Airportle Game

Airportle and Wordle have a lot in common. The game inherits most of the unique settings of its famous predecessor. For example, players may feel familiar with the blank grid and virtual keyboard right on the home screen. It also follows a standard color scheme that reflects the accuracy of your guesses compared to the solution keyword. Specifically, the system sort the tiles into three groups to provide hints as follows:

  • Green shows that you have correctly placed the letter in its correct spot of the hidden keyword.
  • Yellow suggests you change the character's position to get it right.
  • Gray means the character does not belong to the secret word.
  • Additionally, the game establishes its own unique selling point to distinguish itself from other spin-offs. Instead of random English vocabulary, it focuses on the IATA code, which serves as geographical codes for airports and metropolitan areas worldwide. Based on this setting, you search for a three-letter keyword within the specified system. For example, ABL means Ambler Airport (USA), and VCA represents Can Tho International Airport (Vietnam).

    Remember that you only have a maximum of 6 attempts to complete the daily challenge. You win when all the tiles turn green - the fewer turns you use, the better your strategy. If you cannot complete the puzzle within the allotted number of turns, you fail.

    Regardless of your results, take a moment to update with a snapshot of the day's keywords and statistics on your performance. It is a pity that the game only gives you one puzzle per day. Return at midnight to explore a new challenge.

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