The Origin Of The Game

Julia Loria, a famous author publishing food recipes, loves spending her time on the famous word-solving game Wordle. For this reason, she decided to combine these two hobbies and created the Phoodle game. As you can see from the game’s name, “Phoodle” is a wordplay of “food” and “Wordle”.

The Phoodle requires players to guess a five-letter English word, like the original Worlde game. However, Phoodle word sources are extracted from words related to cooking, food recipes, ingredients, dishes, and even famous chefs instead of every English word.

Phoodle Playing Tutorial

If you have played Wordle before, you can easily get used to playing Phoodle. The Phoodle game is designed with a virtual keyboard for you to arrange your guess, or you can use your own keyboard instead. After you finish making your guess, press/click “Enter” to submit your answer.

You must form your potential guess from five alphabetical letters and have six tries for each game. After you finish six guesses, the game will end whether you win or lose. You are not alone on the path to figuring out the secret food-related word. Phoodle will guide you to reach the solution closer via colored letters.

How To Understand Phoodle Hints?

Three colors stand for different meanings in giving out hints to Phoodle players. They are:

  • The gray letters tell you that the letters don’t show up in the solution word, so you should avoid reusing them in the later guesses.
  • The yellow letters indicate that you have nearly created a correct guess. Yellow letters are included in the secret word, but you have to swap their spots in the next guesses.
  • Green is the color for a perfect guess in Phoodle. Green letters must stay in the exact position you first put them in. You win the game when all the letters go green in six tries or less.
  • Phoodle Game Modes

    #1 Daily Mode

    Phoodle only allows you to enjoy one Phoodle game daily. Therefore, if you use up your six guesses, you must wait up to 24 hours for a new game.

    #2 Free Mode

    You can enjoy the Phoodle game as many times as you want. The free mode is an optimal choice for you to practice and enhance your performance in the Daily mode.

    #3 Letter Hints Mode

    The Letter Hints mode demonstrates the number of times the letter you choose showing in the secret word.

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