What Is The Avoidle Game?

Avoidle is also a word-guessing game like its original version, Wordle. However, the game developer has applied some modifications so that players will enjoy the game with other interesting and challenging gameplay.

The Wordle game requires you to guess a five-letter English word from the provided alphabetical letters within six tries. In the Avoidle game, your mission is no longer finding the secret word, but you must form 4 5-letter words with the highest score possible from the given letters. Something seems wrong, right?

The Avoidle game is not that easy. Six random letters will be blocked in each game (red letters), so words containing them won’t be counted with the maximum score.

Each of the red letters contained in your guess means your score will be subtracted by 1 point. For example, the blocked ones today are g, b, h, t, z, x, and your guess is beach. In this case, you only receive 3 points (-2 points for b and h).

You should try your best to achieve 20 scores (maximum score) before running out of four guesses.

Avoidle Game Playing Tutorial

Playing the Avoidle game is nothing different from playing the Wordle game. You can arrange your potential word using your keyboard or tapping the screen. After finishing your guess, hit “Enter” to send your answer.

This game can be at its utmost fun when you enjoy it with your friends. A new challenge will come up each day, so you can compete with your friends by comparing who can get a higher score in the game.

Understanding Of The Avoidle Rules

The Avoidle game players will strive their best to gain 20 scores, the game's maximum level within four-word guesses. Therefore, each valid letter will be considered as one point.

You can notice that there are three colors in the game, but their purpose is not to give out hints like in other word-guessing games.

  • The green letter indicates that it is not blocked and hasn’t been used yet. You will get one point with each green letter in the row.
  • On the other hand, the red letter is the blocked letter. You shouldn't put the red letter in your guessed word because it is worthless, with zero points counted for each red one.
  • Similarly, the gray letter is worth no point. Although the gray letter is not blocked, it is already used in your previous choices. The gray letter forces players to think of as many words as possible.
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