What’s Bandle?

Bandle is a daily musical game asking you to guess a certain song with a catch. Combining the fun premise of Wordle and the deep ocean that is publicly available songs, it possesses a surprising depth. Of course, it’s also a lot more fun, as you must use your hearing to its limit.

The game also allows you to share your achievements to brag with friends. It keeps all the necessary details for your runs, from current streak to max streak and number of games won. This social aspect keeps the game fresh for a lot longer.

How To Play The Bandle Game?

Despite the Bandle game taking inspiration from the wordle game, nothing is similar to having to guess a word. In Bandle’s case, it’s not just any word but the name of a song.

In total, you have six attempts to guess the correct answer. With each failed guess, you can access a new part of the song, with the drum being the first clue.

After the drum, you get the sound effect, the bass, the synth alongside the saxophone, the voice-over, and finally, a clue pointing to the name. The musical parts will be combined to reveal the song gradually. If you still haven’t recognized it, the game gives you a straight-up hint like the lyric.

Tips To Play Bandle

To play Bandle, you should prepare to sacrifice the first two rounds. It’s much harder to figure out the song’s name from only the drums and the sound effects. When you get to the bass, the three sounds mix together, giving you a clearer idea of the song’s nature.

You should also make use of the hints the game leaves for you about the song. It will tell you the song’s view count on YouTube and the year it was released. With this kind of information, you should be able to easily narrow down the choices after hearing the hints.

All in all, the Bandle game offers a unique take on the same old Wordle game format. It provides you with a completely new way to play. Besides your eyes and mind, you also get to flex your musical sense. This kind of simulation is great for your brain as well as your enjoyment.

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