Basketball Grid

What Is Basketball Grid?

Basketball Grid is a puzzle game that asks you to guess a list of 9 basketball players from a series of hints. You get two hints per player, usually in the form of two teams that they have played for or one team and the stat they scored while playing for that team.

This game provides you with a great opportunity to brush up on your knowledge of basketball history. It also allows you to brag with your friends, as it shows you the percentage of players guessing correctly after the game ends. Some players are so hard to guess that only 30% have the correct answer.

How To Play Basketball Grid

The Basketball Grid game allows you to brush up your memory and basketball knowledge. It also presents a new puzzle every single day. As a result, you will never get bored due to always having a new challenge.

The player needs to guess a player name based on the cells’ corresponding row and column. As the game ends, You have nine guesses, and record your stats once you use up all nine. Once you successfully guess a player, he won’t be usable for other puzzle parts.

A player needs to record at least one game in the regular season for both teams on the row and the column. Of course, it doesn’t have to be in the same season, and the player may be inactive or active.

Similarly, season stats for a specific team only count if they occurred when the player plays for that team. This feature makes it easier if your guess is a superstar like Michael Jordans or LeBron James, who have many impressive stats for multiple teams during one season.

Tips To Play Basketball Grid

You should always remember that stat fields are only eligible for players who have played at least 50 games for a specific team. This information will help you narrow down the choices significantly, as 50 games is quite a long time.

Another good tip when seeing two teams as hints is to check the most popular player that has played for these teams. The chance of this guess being the correct answer is very high.

The game doesn’t leave old and retired players behind, so even old bones won’t have a hard time recognizing the players!

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