What Is Biblidle?

Biblidle is a puzzle game that runs on the guessing engine. But why does it have the name "Biblidle"? The reason is that it is a modified version of the famous word-guessing game called wordle. The Wordle game challenges players to figure out a five-letter English word within 6 tries. This simple gameplay can be acquainted with players of any age and gender, contributing to the success of the title.

Inspired by this worldwide success, the Biblidle game also borrows that idea to recreate another interesting word-guessing game. The particular point in this variant is the guessing subject.

While Wordle players only have to find out the casual English word, the hidden word in the Bibliedle game will be related to anything mentioned and described in the Bible. So, this is a great pastime for Christians or those interested in Jesus and His teachings.

How To Play The Biblidle Game?

Biblidle is easy to catch up with. You can make your guess by typing a potential word in the blank grid. Six rows of the grid equal 6 tries that the game offers you to find out the secret word.

In particular, the game will approve words consisting of 1 to 6 letters, but not exactly 5 letters like in Wordle. After submitting your guess, you will receive clues from the game.

You can only enjoy one challenge daily due to the limited Daily mode of the game. However, if you haven't managed to solve the puzzle, you can replay it by switching your browser into Incognito mode.

Hints In The Biblidle Game

The game offers players a set of hints like you can see in Wordle. Three colors will guide players to get closer to the correct answer.

  • The yellow color hints at letters that are included in the secret word, but you have put it in a different order from where it should be.
  • The green color shows that the letters are contained in the hidden word, and they are placed in the precise position.
  • If a letter doesn't appear in the solution word, it will turn gray after your submission.
  • Apart from the familiar colored hints, Biblidle provides players with a further clue. Guessing a word related to the Bible can be too tough for beginners, so the game gives you a hint in the form of a description. The clue will be delivered to players after you press the word "hint" beneath the grid.

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