What’s Special In The Bigramle Game?

Bigramle is a puzzle game based on the play engine of the famous wordle. Both titles challenge players to find out the hidden word to win the game. However, the gameplay of the Bigramle game has been slightly modified to give players a more exciting experience.

In the Wordle game, players can make a guess by typing a five-letter English word in the blank table. The word can contain all of the alphabetical letters as long as it is correctly spelled and satisfies all the requirements of the game. The guessing engine is still applied to the Bigramle game but with a slight modification.

The Bigramle game will display a virtual keyboard with buttons having 2 letters in each one. The pair of letters can be any combination, and you must match the letter combination together to form a valid English word.

Since there are two letters in each keyboard button, the total letters in the hidden word will be six instead of five, like in the original Wordle game. In other words, you will fill each row with three keyboard buttons. This refreshing twist adds a nuance of challenge and excitement, making this version stand out.

How To Play The Bigramle Game?

You can play the Bigramle game by typing on your keyboard, like with the Wordle game. Yet, we highly recommend you arrange your guesses by choosing the virtual keyboard buttons since you can view the pairs of letters more easily.

It will be a waste of time if you think of a word, but the letters don’t match the letter combination given by the game. After forming the possible word, you can submit it by pressing Enter.

Hints In The Bigramle Game

The Birgramle game offers players hints via the colored letters. Although the letters will come in pairs, they can be colored separately. The colored hints can be interpreted with the following meanings:

  • The yellow color is an indication of letters that are contained but misplaced in the secret word. Therefore, you must rearrange them in other positions.
  • The green color shows that your guess is perfect. A green letter is located exactly where it is in the hidden word.
  • The gray is always the color of a wrong guess. A gray letter won’t appear in the secret word.
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