Birthday Wordle

About Birthday Wordle

As its name suggests, Birthday Wordle draws its concept from Wordle. Wordle is a puzzle game that involves players in spotting a random five-letter English word within 6 tries. Thanks to the simple gameplay and user-friendly graphics, this title can easily gain millions of players after a short period of time. For this reason, many game developers apply the success formula of the game to create their own spin-offs.

Here, you are going to play one of the most remarkable variants named Birthday Wordle game. You can easily figure out which guessing subject you must handle in this version. The mission is to spot the exact random birthday by using your logical thinking and a bit of luck.

Is It Difficult To Play The Birthday Wordle Game?

No, it’s not. It’s effortless to get used to the Birthday Wordle gameplay.

If you have played the Wordle game before, we bet you can skip this part and get straight into the fun gameplay of this version. On the other hand, if you are a newcomer, just spend a few seconds here.

You will start the Birthday Wordle game with a random guess by filling the blank spaces in the grid with numbers and the “-” sign. The digits you fill into the grid must be valid to create a combination in the following order: month, date, and year. After filling in the blank row, press Enter to submit your guess and get hints from the game.

You will have 10 allowed guesses to figure out the secret birthday in the game. However, the hints will guide you to get the precise answer within less than the number of available guesses.

Hints In The Birthday Wordle Game

In the Birthday Wordle game, the given colored clues resemble the rules in the original Wordle game:

  • The green color is applied for a perfect guess. You will win the game when you have a row full of green boxes.
  • The yellow color indicates a number that is included in the solution, but you have misplaced it in the row.
  • The gray color is a sign of a wrong guess. A gray number or “-” sign will not appear in the correct Birthday combination of the game.
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