Black Crossword

About Black Crossword

Black Crossword is a spin-off of the famous Crossword you have played at least once in the past, especially when you started to learn English. Both are word games involving players in figuring out the correct words from the given descriptions. However, the Black Crossword, as comes from its name, wants its players to focus more on any words related to the Black diaspora.

In this variant, you must guess all the words in the vertical (down) and horizontal (across) lines to win. Letters in one word can be in the composition of another word, making the game more challenging than other single-word-guessing games.

How To Play The Black Crossword Game?

The game will start with a blank grid table and a list of related descriptions of the hidden words beside it. Each description will be labeled with a number, which is the number of the secret word in the grid. You can decide to start guessing the Across or Down words first, it’s up to you.

The number of letters in a hidden word will vary due to the number of blank square boxes in its direction. You must rely on the descriptions given in advance and submit a word in the puzzle. To know whether your guessed words are correct or not, press the “Check” section.

We suggest you set the “Check” function to automatic status, or you can allow it to check your guessed words letter by letter or all the words.

Notably, letters in one word may also appear in other words, so generally, you are making one guess, but it’s for two hidden words. To effectively solve the puzzle, you must possess a massive source of English words.

You can decide to separately reveal a picked hidden square or the entire word if you are too desperate to figure out the answer by yourself. Furthermore, you can search the descriptions on Google to not only know about the possible answer but also get more relevant background information about the word.

Why Playing Black Crossword?

The most prominent benefit of playing Black Crossword must be its impact on your English learning journey. By playing the game, you can significantly revise and improve your English word sources. Moreover, you can also learn about the uncasual meaning of the words that are rarely applied in academic documents.

Apart from the educational benefit, the Black Crossword can also improve your logical and strategic thinking when dealing with multiple puzzles simultaneously.

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