Blackpink Heardle

Blackpink Heardle: An Exploration Of Black Pink's Discography

Heardle, a Wordle variant, is a popular music game that develops based on an understanding of the musical legacy of certain artists. As an aim at the K-pop market, the publisher recently released a new version - Blackpink Heartle.

This custom version plays beautiful music by four talented girls and poses a challenge for loyal fans. Are you confident in figuring it out as soon as the sound comes on?

How To Play Blackpink Heardle Game

As soon as you log into the main interface, an empty grid of six horizontal rows appears in your field of vision. This design represents the corresponding number of times to guess the title. The faster you give an accurate answer, the cooler you are.

Now scroll down and tap on the Play button. In the beginning, an intro that lasts only 1 second comes out as the first hint to trigger your competitive spirit. When a specific song pops up in your mind, type it in the search bar at the bottom. It is no big deal if you do not remember a full name. The system provides suggestions based on the given keywords.

What happens if your guess goes off track? Do not worry too much if it is not the last attempt. Heardle unlocks an extra second of the intro so that you can recall the name more easily. Feel free to click the Skip button for longer playing when you have no idea about the current song.


When Does Heardle Refresh Its Challenge?

The game releases a new challenge every 15 hours local time.

Can I Share My Results On Social Media?

Of course. Your achievement announcement has a Share button to spread joy to your followers.

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