Blossom Word Game

A Quick Overview Of The Blossom Word Game

Among many puzzle games, word games stand out as one of the most easy-to-play and exciting genres. That said, the Wordle game has long been known for its simple graphic design to match all the platform and device’s hardware settings. However, the Blossom Word game will be the game-changer that can blow your mind.

It is developed with an interesting game engine in which players will take the role of a farmer cultivating colorful flower pots. By guessing the correct secret word, the player can gain points equivalent to the length. The more points a player can achieve, the more colorful and diverse flowers in the pots are. Let’s see how to play the game!

The Blossom Word Game Playing Tutorial

The game will give you seven letters in advance; six letters will be placed in six petals, and one special letter will stay in the pistil, also known as the center letter.

Notably, all the seven letters will stay the same throughout the game, so you must form your word guess containing no letters other than the seven ones.

Moreover, the guessed word must contain at least four provided letters and always the center letter to be counted as a valid word. You can also use a letter more than once in a word you guess.

There is no limit to the number of letters in a word. As long as the word is a valid English word and includes the given letters, it will be added and counted as a precise answer with higher points.

Rules Of The Blossom Word Game

A player must create 12 flower pots to finish the game. The total score will assess your performance, so you will be considered as winning or losing in the game.

After guessing a correct four-letter English word from the provided letters, you will be awarded 2 points and a beautiful flower pot placed on the right table. Remember that the longer the word is, the higher the score you get.

For example, a five-letter word will count for 4 points, a six-letter word will count for 6 points, a 7-letter word will get you 12 points, and from 7-letter on, you will get an extra 3 points for each letter added.

Yet, you can still gain additional points by forming a word, including the letter in the petal having a yellow outline. The yellow outlined letter will count for an extra 5 points if your guess is correct.

The special bonus is a word containing all seven letters or a pangram. You will earn a flower pot in full colors and an extra 24 points for each achieved pangram.

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