What Is The Bluedle Game?

Bluey is an adorable and fun cartoon series for children. The series is about the daily life of the main character of the same name with his beloved family and other lovely friends. The animated animal-based characters always bring children meaningful lessons inserted in exciting content. For this reason, the series is a worldwide famous cartoon and has many merchandise based on it.

Here, we are mentioning the Bluedle game, which is a puzzle game with the theme from the Bluey cartoon and the gameplay inspired by the phenomenal word-guessing wordle game. And you can easily notice that the “Bluedle” name is a combination of the “Wordle” and the “Bluey.”

In the Bluedle game, your mission is to find the correct secret word related to the Bluey series within six tries. The number of letters in a word will vary from 4 to 6 in each game according to the hidden answer. You can play only one game daily. For this reason, it may take you up to 24 hours to have a whole new challenge.

Playing Tutorial

The Bluedle game is meant for many types of players, but primarily for young-age players, so it must be simple and straightforward to get accustomed to.

You can guess by typing the possible word with the physical keyboard or the virtual one on the screen. Then, don’t forget to press Enter to submit the guess. After each submitted guess, the colored hints will show up to tell you how close you are to reaching the precise answer.

The Hints In The Bluedle Game

Three colors will take the role of hints in the Bluedle game. Each color will serve separate purposes:

  • The gray color tells you the letter is not included in the correct hidden word, so you should avoid reusing it.
  • The yellow color indicates that you have nearly picked a precise answer. A yellow letter appears in the word, but the position you put it in must be modified.
  • The green color is a sign of a perfect guess. A line of all green letters will be counted as a victory for you.
  • Why Playing The Bluedle Game?

    It is a relaxing game not only suitable for children with its user-friendly graphics and gameplay but also for educational purposes. The Bluedle game can improve the children’s memory and their literacy by requiring them to remember the factors related to the cartoon series and form words based on it.

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