What Is Boludle?

When a puzzle game has a "dle" ending, it must be somehow related to the famous word-guessing wordle game. And this fact is true in the case of Boludle, which is also a notable version. Both titles challenge players to find a secret word within a fixed number of tries.

The Wordle game is about English words, while the Boludle game revolves around Spanish, which is great for Spanish learners.

How To Play The Boludle Game?

Anyone can get used to the Boludle playing method. The game will accept a valid Spanish word guess with a word combined from the letters of your physical keyboard or the digital in-game keyboard.

You can arrange a five-letter Spanish word and fill it into the blank spaces of the grid in the game. There are six tries provided to players in each challenge. The game will end whenever you use up all the guesses, even when you finish the puzzle or not. Once it ends, you will have to wait until the next day to have another new puzzle.

Hints In Boludle

The Boludle game offers players three familiar colored hints like those in the Wordle game. The clues will have separate meanings:

  • The yellow color tells you when the letter is contained in the hidden word, but you have placed it in the wrong position in the guessed word.
  • The gray color is a sign of a letter not included in the hidden word.
  • The green color indicates a perfectly correct choice. A row full of green letters means a victory for you.
  • Tips For The Boludle Game

  • Always opt for a fixed starting word and consider it as your lucky word.
  • The first guesses should have as many different letters as possible to optimize the efficiency of the colored hints.
  • Don't waste your guess by reusing the gray letters.
  • Don't rush to finish the game because the Boludle game allows players up to 24 hours to solve a puzzle.
  • If you can't complete a Boludle game within one try, make another try by playing the game in the browser's incognito mode.
  • Opt for help from a list of 5-letter Spanish words on the Internet when you have a potential word crossing your mind.
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