A Quick Outlook Of Bordle

As its name suggests, you can easily spot the relevance between the Bordle game and the famous Wordle game. In fact, Bordle is a variant of Wordle. Its developers got inspiration from the phenomenal word-guessing game Wordle to create the geographical version.

Instead of guessing secret five-letter words like in the original version, you will have to identify the secret country in the game via the national flags of the countries surrounding it.

How To Play Bordle?

Playing Bordle is straightforward, and you can get used to it after only one try. You can guess the secret country in Bordle by using the computer mouse or keyboard.

Don’t worry that you can’t play the game because of your mediocre sources of English. Whenever you type the first letter of a country’s name, a list of potential names will drop down for you to pick. Therefore, you can click on the name by using a computer mouse. You must press “Enter” to submit your guess.

The Rules Of Bordle

Since the number of countries surrounding will vary according to the geographical features, the number of guesses you will have in each Bordle game will not be the same. Sometimes, you only have three tries to figure out the secret nation, but in some cases, you will have up to eight chances to complete the game.

Tricks For Bordle

Honestly, if you master geographical knowledge, you will find Bordle a piece of cake. Yet, amateur players can rely on Google Maps to have more specific hints about the secret country. The digital map will show you the detailed location of every country. Hence, you can win the Bordle game within a few tries.

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