Box Office Game

What Is a Box Office Game?

The Box Office Game is interestingly web-based, providing a new puzzle each day. Unlike music or word puzzles in the world game, your target in this game is to guess the five highest-grossing movies at the box office for a particular weekend.

Features of the Box Office Game

  • Players can achieve the optimal scores by accurately predicting five different films.
  • If players don't exactly know the film's name and accept to sacrifice a part of points, they can choose to see a summary of the attractive movies throughout that weekend. Of course, this summary might include the title of films, but it is necessary to save players from losing goals.
  • Box Office Game's design challenges players' movie knowledge on currently released films and box office trends, encouraging them to update the information related to the newest film series to give correct predictions.
  • The puzzles are fresh every day and come with a variety of assistance as well as hints. Ensure that players will always get an engaging experience.
  • How to Play Box Office Game

    Accessing Box Office Game's website, your task is to guess five movies with the top-grossing box office in a week.

    You can rely on information provided by the game, like the box office figures, the film's overall earnings, and the movie's releasing studio. From there, you will come up with the corresponding answer.

    If you don't know one of them, you might use tips; however, you will lose 180 points for that. In return, you know some useful hints, including the movie's genre, the director, the budget, the slogan, three main actors, and box office receipts.

    Each film guessed exactly will receive 200 points. Based on your movie knowledge and understanding, try to complete the objective and avoid using the hints. The more right answers, the higher the score.

    Unfortunately, you fail the game. You can replay it the next day. The game continues to update the new puzzles.

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