About Brandle

Brandle is a word-guessing game similar to the well-known wordle game, but it has a novelty in that players guess brands rather than words. With a max of six tries, players must identify the proper brand. All of the game's basic mechanics are similar to Wordle NYT's variations, but players are interpreting brands rather than words.

Brandle adds the glamor of well-known brands to the classic guessing game, giving it a fascinating new spin. Brandle will test your expertise, whether you're an expert in marketing, a product aficionado, or just someone who enjoys interpreting logos.

In just six attempts, can you find the concealed brand? Take a chance on yourself and go with Brandle on an adventure centered around brands!

How To Play Brandle Game

The goal of the simple yet difficult Brandle game is to identify well-known brands. Here is how to solve the puzzle.

Step 1: Start guessing. Fill in the brand name you think might be the answer with each try. Here's your opportunity to demonstrate your brand knowledge. Here's a tip: Since every word has at least one vowel in it, starting with these letters first is the go-to move.

Step 2: Use the clues. Brandle gives you insightful commentary after every guess to help you decide what to do next. The hints are given in a color-coded manner.

  • Green: Proper letters in their proper places. The brand launch is getting closer and closer!
  • Yellow: The letters are correct; nevertheless, their placement is incorrect. When you attempt things again, remember these letters.
  • Gray: The brand name is missing some letters. Now is the time to rule these out of your options.
  • Step 3: Continue playing until the puzzle is solved. And voila! You have completed today's challenge! The next puzzle will come the following day!

    Step 4 (Optional): Once you finish the game, you can share your amazing results, showing your friends and other players how good you are at recognizing household brands.

    Note: The code for the game was taken from and altered from a publicly accessible Wordle cloning game on GitHub. The mechanics of the game have been modified to utilize brand guessing instead of word guessing.

    Playing Brandle is a fun and demanding game where players must identify brands in a set amount of tries. Are you ready to solve the puzzle and prove your knowledge about brands and logos?

    Play now!

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