A Quick Outlook At The Byrdle Game

The Wordle game has changed people’s conception of a million-player game in the gamer community. Although designed with simple graphics and gameplay, the Wordle game gained the love of millions of players globally.

For this reason, many game developers rely on the formula of making the Wordle game to create their own puzzle game. The Byrdle game is not the opposite.

The Byrdle game developers pay tribute to the original Wordle game by naming it with the “dle” ending. Besides, the layout, format, and gameplay of the Byrdle game are almost the same as the Wordle’s.

You must precisely guess the hidden six-letter English word to win the game. However, the distinction of the Byrdle game is its theme. While Wordle has its word source from English dictionaries, Byrdle only challenges players with English words related to any musical terms.

Explanation Of Byrdle’s Rules

Like in the Wordle game, you can form your potential word in the Byrdle game by typing on your physical keyboard and submitting the word by pressing Enter.

In the Byrdle game, players will have one more guess than in the Wordle game, 7 guesses compared to 6 guesses. You must appropriately use the provided guesses to find out the hidden five or six-letter English word, and the word must be anything related to music. You must find the word before using up 7 tries, or else you will lose the game.

Moreover, the game doesn’t include a countdown clock to rush you. Hence, you can literally spend 24 hours conquering the challenge before the game resets with a new hidden word the next day.

What’s The Meaning Of Colors In The Byrdle Game?

After you finish arranging a word from the given alphabetical letters, you must press Enter to submit your guess. Then, the square box containing the letters will turn into different colors:

  • Green: This color demonstrates a perfect guess. The letter in the green square box is included in the secret word, and you put it in the precise spot.
  • Yellow: You nearly catch it! A yellow square box will contain the letter that appears in the solution word, but you misplace it.
  • Gray: The gray color represents a letter irrelevant to the secret word. A gray letter should be avoided in your next guess.
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