Candy Word

Candy Word - A Colorful World Of Letter

When you log into the main interface, you will never think it is a vocabulary game like Wordle. Colorful graphics inspired by an island of sweets steal your first glance. The eye-catching objects remind you of the famous game Candy Crush Saga, and how you participate in the challenges is similar.

However, there is a plot twist that sets Candy Word apart. Your in-game experience also includes a side quest. Keep on reading to discover.

How To Master Candy Word Game

On the main screen, you come across a map of multiple rounds. Players must proceed in a defined sequence to join the world of candies. Each challenge sets different objectives, such as collecting cakes, finding words, scoring, etc. The system gives you several moves to complete all the set goals.

By now, you are probably wondering where the letters appear. Well, it is the secret behind delectable sweets. When you group three or more similar symbols into a vertical or horizontal row, they break up and give way to random characters.

Return to the second task - establish meaningful words with a certain letter. The more candies are opened, the higher your chances of unlocking the essential letter. If you miss a character to complete a word, keep matching until it appears!

The best part of the rule is that it does not limit the length or the position of inputs. In other words, as long as you can think of any meaningful terms with the available characters, make it real and get points.

Besides the main task, you should also pay attention to making money. Your fortune increases after each level completion. Coins can save you from dead ends as they can be converted into special supports. Some of the tools in the market include:

  • Magical quill (worth 200 coins): add a letter to the current word.
  • Pluck spoon (worth 250 coins): remove an element from the grid.
  • Alter liquid (worth 300 coins): randomly change some elements to letters.
  • Poison bomb (worth 350 coins): change the elements around it to letters.
  • Lastly, build a wise strategy for your moves to win. If you run out of turns, you must start the round again and play from the beginning.

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