About CFBordle

CFBordle is a puzzle game inspired by the famous word-guessing Wordle game. Both are word games, but the former emphasizes college football, not the general English word like the latter.

In the game, players will have to find a secret five-letter English word, especially the word that must be related to college football, like players' names, special terms of the sport, or teams' names.

How To Play The CFBordle Game?

CFBordle literally has the same graphics as Wordle. Players will have a blank grid to fill in their guesses in the CFBordle game. Five columns will be equivalent to five letters contained in the secret word, and six rows will be equal to six guesses players can choose to find the answer of the game.

You will type your guess in the row and press Enter to get the feedback from the system. Remember that the word you submit must be valid in English and should be related to college football.

Yet, it doesn't mean the game will refuse the non-related College football words. All valid English words are acceptable in the game, but the words related to College football will increase your chance of winning.

Hints In The CFBordle Game

CFBordle provides players with clues after it receives their guesses. The hints will be delivered to players in the form of colors:

  • If the letter of the guessed word is colored green, it means that it is also contained in the hidden word. In simple terms, you have placed the letter in the right order. You win the game when all the letters in the row go green.
  • If a letter goes gray, it is not a part of the solution word. Therefore, try not to reuse gray letters in the subsequent guess.
  • If a letter turns yellow, it shows that the letter is also contained in the hidden word. However, it stays in another position in the correct word.
  • Tips For The CFBordle Game

  • Try to form a word with as many separate letters as possible. The more different letters you put into the guessed word, the more effective the hints will become.
  • Start your game with only one lucky word. Just pick a random word as your lucky word and apply it to the first guess. Since it's nearly impossible to win the game on the first try, using a fixed guess will save you time.
  • Don't be shy about using the list of five-letter words related to college football on the Internet. It will be a practical sidekick for you.
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