Introduction Of The Chessle Game

Wordle NYT has paved the way for many quick puzzle guessing games coming to the public due to its interesting gameplay and excellent compatibility with almost every device. As a result, many spin-offs are developed with the inspiration from the Wordle game, and Chessle is a prime example.

As the name suggests, Chessle is also a guessing game, but its theme is related to chess. Therefore, instead of figuring out the secret word to win the game, you must arrange the chessman on the chess board until they match the hidden sequences of the game.

The Chessle Game’s Rules

You have 6 times in Chessle to discover the secret sequences of the game. However, in each guess, you will have three times to interact with the chessman to plan the next move. For this reason, you will have up to 18 guesses to come up with the perfect answer.

You must move both the black and white chessman, and, of course, you must play according to the official rules of the chess game. After you finish one try by arranging three movements on both sides, you must press “Submit.” Remember to move the white chessman first, then to the black one.

Like the Wordle game, the Chessle game also provides players with colored hints to become closer to the correct answer.

How To Understand The Chessle Hints?

Chessle will demonstrate the movement of chessman in the form of numbers and letters, which is the official symbol in chess to indicate which chessman is moved to which position. The square box contains the letter and number will change its color depending on three situations:

  • If the square box turns green, it means that you have put the chessman in a perfect position. The movement is included in the hidden sequences of the game. You should keep it in the subsequent guess.
  • If the square box becomes yellow, it tells you that the movement is included in the sequences and applied to the black or the white chessman. However, you must move the chessman in another direction.
  • The gray color is a sign of a wrong choice. A gray movement is nothing related to the secret sequences. You should avoid replaying it.
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