Overview Of Chuckle

In the USA, four sports regarded as the "Big Four" of the country are the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. These sports are not solely the competitive games and professional players, but they also somehow represent the American culture. There is hardly any game focusing on all of these four sports, except for the Chuckle game.

Chuckle is a puzzle game resembling the guessing gameplay of some common word games. However, the guessing object is the primary factor separating the Chuckle game from other guessing games.

In detail, the game requires players to figure out a hidden sport star in the game. The star can be the athlete in one of the four competitions, NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL. Therefore, players must possess an excellent knowledge of American sports to win the game.

The Chuckle Game’s Playing Tutorial

Chuckle starts with many sections on the screen, and you can make your guess by typing a player's name in the "name that franchise" section. You will have 6 chances to guess the correct secret player of the game. Remember that the player can be anyone who has/had a professional career in one of the "Big Four"sports in the USA.

Before each guess, you can notice a description of the information of the secret player placed right above the guessing box. You can rely on the description to figure out the correct answer.

Particularly, if you can't get the precise answer immediately, the game will give you another description. The more wrong choices you make, the more thorough the description of the player will become.

Along with the given information, the game offers players more clues in the form of images.

Other Clues In The Game

Three other hints in Chuckle will be delivered to you after you submit a guess.

  • Primary League: The section will display the league or sport the secret player plays or has played in. If the guess is wrong, the image will be outlined in red with an "X" icon. It means that the hidden player plays in another league or sport.
  • Primary Franchise: The section shows which team the player is or was a member of. Similarly, red is the color indicating a wrong answer, and the information doesn't match the correct player.
  • Active Decades: The section hints at the decade when the professional athlete is or was inactive. The period will be colored green if the decade is true to the actual years of activation of the secret player.
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