What To Know About Cladder?

The Cladder game is a puzzle game that resembles the word-guessing challenge in the famous Wordle NYT. In this version, your mission is still to spot the exact hidden English word. However, the number of letters in a word and hints for players will differ from the original Wordle game.

The most impressive feature is that Cladder rushes players to develop a potential word within a few seconds, unlike in the Wordle game, which you can spend hours on.

To Play The Cladder Game?

You can arrange your guess by typing the keyboard or tapping on the virtual keyboard on the screen. You don’t have to press Submit like in other word-guessing games to check your answers. On the other hand, the game will automatically assess your guessed word and give hints about the hidden word.

Rules Of The Cladder Game

The game will start with a given word and a line of description related to the hidden word. You must form a word containing at least three letters in the given word. If you pick the right one, you will keep doing the same mission with another description related to the secret word.

There’s no limit to your allowed guess in a Cladder game. Also, the game continues to challenge you with other new words once you finish one until the time is up.

Therefore, in the Cladder game, you don’t win or lose. The only competitive point in the game is to break your previous record with a higher score by precisely picking more new words.

In-Game Support In The Cladder Game

Apart from the description below the blank square, you will have extra hints when figuring out the secret words. The familiar colors you can find in other Wordle-based games are green and yellow.

However, you only need the yellow hint because you find the word when the green color appears. If a letter in the word you guess turns yellow, it means that the letter consists of the secret word, but you have misplaced it.

Besides the color hints, you will have two times to skip the words that you can’t find out with the “Skip” button. Whenever you use the Skip feature, a specific amount of time will be deducted from the times provided for your game.

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