Brief Intro To The Clickword Game

Typically, word-guessing games, like the wordle nyt game and its variants, will require players to guess a word by typing it in the guessing box. However, the Clickword game brings a whole new way for puzzle game lovers to enjoy their favorite logical thinking game.

Detailedly, it allows players to make their guess by clicking and dragging random given letters into the grid table and form a correctly spelled English word.

While in Wordle NYT and other word-guessing variants, the number of letters included in a guessed word must be five, Clickword will accept words containing as many letters as possible. Of course, the word must be a valid English word.

What’s more, it applies a creative method to evaluate the performance of players. Instead of informing players winning or losing the game after using up all the allowed guesses, the Clickword game will count points for each word players can figure out. Besides, the points for each word will depend on the number on the bottom right corner of the square containing the letter.

How To Play

The game will start with a grid table consisting of randomly placed letters, and the letters are in no way related to each other. You can notice above the grid table that there are three letters colored in blue.

You will make your guess by dragging the blue letters into the grid table so that they will combine with the orange letters already on the table to form a correct English word. Your guessed word will be considered correct when the combination turns green. After the word combination goes green, you must click the green word to collect points.

Points are awarded to you according to the number positioned in the bottom right corner of the square. You have sixty blue letters to match the orange letters, equivalent to sixty tries in the game. Whenever you have a precisely guessed word, the word will vanish to give way to new orange letters showing up on the table.

Trick In The Clickword Game

When you drag a blue letter into the grid table, you can check whether the word combination is correct or not by noticing the animation. If the combination seems to shake, it means that the word will be an accurate choice.

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