Introduction Cloudle

If you are interested in the atmosphere and weather, you will jump for joy when playing Cloudle. Combining the unique weather-forecasting concept and the familiar puzzle-solving game will grab your attention and make you curious about the game.

The following article will clear up all your queries about the game by providing helpful rules and tips for a good match. Let’s dive into the game and find your satisfying answer!

What Is Cloudle?

Cloudle is an interesting puzzle title worth your time spent with it. Unlike other word-guessing games with the task of guessing a secret word, this game’s goal is to answer the five-day weather forecast of a random city correctly.

You must guess the weather forecast for the following five days of a new city every day in six chances. At the bottom of the answer box, you will see nine weather icons, and you must pick the five most potential icons to fill in the blank.

What Is The Game Rule?

This game shares the same rule with the famous title Wordle in the way it introduces color hints for players. After each guess, you will see the tiles change color to show how close you are to the final goal.

If you notice a green title, it means that the icon is placed in the correct spot. Meanwhile, you must reposition your guessing icon if the yellow color appears. You are suggested to take better luck in your next guess when the gray tile shows up, hinting at your unsuccessful attempt.

How To Learn Tips For Playing The Cloudle Game?

Do Research On The Location

Since no city is the same, you must thoroughly research the characteristics of a specific city of the day to find the answer for forecasting weather. Based on the city’s location, you will know the exact weather condition, in reality, to match the icons with each day.

After learning noteworthy weather facts of the city, think carefully and submit your answer according to the helpful information you get.

Rely On The Search Engine

One of the easiest ways to win the game is to use Google as a reliable source of information about weather forecasts. Type the city in the search area with the given dates, and you will get the desired result in a few seconds.

Now you can easily solve the puzzle by choosing weather icons following the weather conditions in the forecast.


After reading the article, we hope Cloudle will make your leisure time more enjoyable than ever. Don’t worry about failure if you are not a meteorologist. This game is designed for everyone to have fun with weather forecast challenges, giving you unforgettable rounds with Cloudle.

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