Commander Codex

Commander Codex Introduction

Magic The Gathering Commander is a famous card game for people who love combat between fictional characters through high-quality cards. The card game can be a remarkable means of entertainment for a group of friends.

In the Magic The Gathering Commander (MTGC) game, players will have the chance to see various wonderful fictional characters having different superpowers. Depending on the power of the mythical individuals, players will compete to determine who will rule the game.

Since there are hundreds of characters in MTGC, beginners may find it impossible to know all the characters and their special features. Yet, the Commander Codex game has been released to help MTGC enthusiasts improve their knowledge of the game.

Borrowing the guessing gameplay from the famous word-guessing wordle game, this version challenges players to guess the hidden commander of the game correctly. The source of commander information in the game is extracted from the EDHREC site; you can be totally secure about the precision of the answer.

How To Play The Commander Codex Game?

Commander Codex comes with a blank grid, in which you will fill in your guess. You will type your guess in the “Guess a card” box, then press Enter to submit your answer. Remember that you only have five guesses to figure out the secret commander.

You can also see all the available cards in the game by pressing the “View Cards” section. The game will show you all the possible cards you can guess in the game, including every detail about the fictional commanders.

If you don't want to look up a massive list of hundreds of commanders, the system will give you hints in the form of colors and figures.

Hints In Commander Codex

Each column in the grid of the Commander Codex game will bring a separate meaning, and you can clearly know what the column wants to imply through the lines placed above them.

Therefore, we will explain the meaning of colors applied to the square after you submit your guess:

  • If the green color shows up, it means that the information in the square is perfectly correct.
  • On the contrary, if it is gray, the characteristic of the guessed commander doesn't match the one of the hidden commander.
  • The yellow color appears when one of the characteristics matches the hidden commander while the other doesn't.
  • The blue color often goes with directional arrows. The combination indicates that the guessed figure is more or less and up or down from the correct answer. You should depend on the arrows to deduce the exact solution.
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