Contexto Introduction

Word games are great tools for people to hone their minds while having some fun. However, games like Wordle and its mimicry don’t offer many challenges for you anymore once you get used to them. That is why we believe you would like Contexto, a new type of word game.

To make things easier for you, we will walk you through some basic information and tips on this game.

What’s Contexto?

Just like Wordle, Contexto is a word game revolving around coming up with words. However, it has a bunch of differences from the former. If you get 5 tries in Wordle, you have no limit while playing Contexto. Once you enter a word, you will know how far away it is from the correct word.

The way the game does it is by using an artificial algorithm and checking for the context of the word you put in. Then, this algorithm calculates how similar the word you put in is to the correct guess. Due to this algorithm being capable of analyzing thousands of words in a short time, you won’t have to wait long.

How To Play The Contexto Game

There are two ways to play Contexto, either through or Both of them are official portals for the game. There is no difference between them, as they both connect to the same database and use the same algorithm.

You start the game by entering a random world, and there is absolutely no limit. For this reason, you don’t need to stick to specific letters like in Wordle. This advantage makes the game significantly different, with a lot more replayability.

The game will make use of an internal artificial algorithm to check for the context behind the word. Next, it compares this context with what the correct guess entails. Finally, it determines the rank of the input relative to the answer and tells you. Your goal is to improve this rank until you get the word.

Tips To Play Contexto

The secret to winning Contexto is to be creative with your guess and have some quick thinking.

  • Don’t be afraid to be wrong on the first few tries. There is no limit on your number of guesses, so you can afford to try things out.
  • Be creative with your first guess. Never limit yourself to basic words, as you can guess the context better based on the rank of your answer in accordance with the correct answer.
  • Conclusion

    Contexto is undoubtedly a challenging and fun word game that you can play both alone and with friends. You also get to test your word recall capability, improve your vocabulary, and challenge your creativity.

    We hope that you can quickly start your adventure with this game. The tips we have prepared should make you capable of having fun right away without having to learn much.

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