What Is The Costcodle Game?

Costcodle is a mind-bending guessing game that turns you into a price detective! If wordle has the concept of word-guessing, Costcodle challenges you to consider the price of a mystery Costco product.

A new product is chosen as the daily challenge every day, and you have six tries to guess its price tag. However, the number must be valid, like $9.99 or $17.50. Every guess you make is like a stepping stone. Even if you are wrong, it helps you eliminate prices that are way off track.

What Is The Rule Of The Game?

This game is not about blindly throwing out guesses with each price you guess; the game hints at how close you are to the real price. Like a detective getting closer to the truth, these hints help refine your guesses to reach the final answer.

An up arrow indicates your guess is significantly too low by more than 25% of the actual price. A down arrow means you went too high, but at least you are within 25% of the target. The ultimate goal is to land on the sweet spot, signified by a checkmark, which means your guess is within 5% of the correct price, and you win the game!

What Strategy Do You Need To Win The Game?

Start With A Smart Guess

Like other guessing games, you must have a good plan before jumping in each round. The advice is not to pick a random price. Since a large down arrow means your guess is high but within 25%, consider starting at around 50% of your estimated price range for the Costco item.

As you get closer to the correct price, focus on smaller adjustments. This tip can quickly rule out a significant portion of the price spectrum.

Try To Guess As Close As Possible

This game is different from others since it doesn’t require you to fill in the exact price. Even if you don’t guess the correct answer, you can still win in Costcodle. Here’s the kicker: If your guess is within 5% of the real price, you are considered a champion shopper! That means you have a good sense of how much things typically cost at Costco.

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