Overview Of The Countryle Game

Countryle is a variant of the famous word-guessing Wordle game. This version also operates with guessing gameplay like the original version. However, you can easily notice the difference in their names. While “Wordle” with the “WORD” challenges players to guess a secret word, Countryle with the “COUNTRY,” of course, requires you to identify the precise hidden country.

Besides the exciting gameplay, the Countryle game also provides players with fundamental information related to the solution country and more.

Gameplay Of The Countryle Game

Countryle starts with the graphic of the world map without any notable or highlighted signs. As a result, you will have to make a random guess by typing a country’s name in the guessing box. From your submitted guess, the game will deliver some information related to the guessed country as hints for you.

The five clues include Hemisphere, Continent, Average Temperature, Population, and Coordinates:

  • The Hemisphere will indicate the direction of the guessed country on the world map.
  • The Continent will tell you which continent the guessed country is located on.
  • The Average Temperature figure will demonstrate the average climate condition of the country that you guess.
  • The Population will show you the latest number of residents in the guessed country.
  • The Coordinates display the direction of the guessed country towards the solution country.
  • As you can see, with this basic information about a country, you can learn more about its geographical features. Particularly, the Countryle game doesn’t apply a limit on guessing times, so you can literally make as many guesses as you like to find the secret one. The game only evaluates your performance based on the number of tries spent to figure out the secret country.

    What Are The Hints In The Countryle Game?

    Apart from the five statistics, the Countryle game offers some colored hints:

  • The green color means the guessed country completely matches the secret country.
  • The red color represents a feature that is nothing related to the solution country.
  • The yellow color is a sign of a nearly correct guess. You are closer to the exact answer.
  • The blue color only appears in the Coordinates column to be separate from the other three colors, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • The Up and Down arrows, which appear in the red or yellow circles, are also a guide for you on the path to the correct country:

  • The Up arrow tells you that the statistic of the guessed country must be higher than the correct answer.
  • On the other hand, the Down arrow is a demonstration of a lower figure compared to the precise one.
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