Crossover Grid

What Is Crossover Grid?

As the name suggests, Crossover Grid is a puzzle game featuring guessing gameplay, like many other word games. However, the special point that makes it different from other variants is the guessing object.

The game challenges players with impressive guessing objects, not a number, not a word, but it is the name of a random basketball athlete. This is the reason for the “crossover” in the game’s name. Commonly, gamers will find that a basketball-related game can be a tactical or sporty game, but this is not the case with the Crossover Grid.

Are you a hardcore fan of basketball? Are you confident in easily figuring out all the hidden players’ names in the Crossover Grid game? If yes, you can test your knowledge about basketball by playing it.

How To Play The Crossover Grid Game

There are nine blank square boxes to solve in the Crossover Grid game, and each blank square will represent a hidden player’s name. Your mission is to precisely spot nine players’ names within nine guesses, which is quite challenging for both professionals and beginners.

To make your guess, you must press or tap in one blank spot, and the guessing box will show up. You will type the potential player’s name into the box.

Once you fill the guessing spot with letters, other names with relevant letters will drop down for you to choose the most suitable one. Only nine tries are offered to handle nine questions, so you must be utterly precise with your choice.

Your guess is counted as a correct one only when it matches the information placed on both the column and the row. In other words, the feature in each column must go with information on three rows, one by one.

Is It Possible To Win A Crossover Grid Game?

Yes, it is.

You don’t need to have incredible knowledge about basketball to deal with all the guessing in the game. Whenever you find a possible player’s name, you can search for his information on the Internet before submitting your guess. You have up to 24 hours to solve the game before it resets, so don’t rush with incorrect answers.

Come back after midnight for a new challenge!

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