Overview on Cuberdle

Cuberdle is a fully challenging word puzzle game that combines word-guessing with the enjoyable Rubik's Cube. Players will use a virtual Rubik's Cube displayed when accessing the game. Then, they will try moving it to find the exact turning sequence in each move.

How to Play Cuberdle

It is not difficult to play the Cuberdle game efficiently once you understand the gameplay and know the solutions:


You start to click and drag the virtual Rubik's Cube in various directions. It forces you to have to recognize the right sequence of moves. Through these times of moves, you must solve the cube.

Turn The Virtual Cube

You press and hold the left mouse to move the cube as desired. It allows you to rotate the layers or the entire cube.

Find the Solution

It is necessary to look for an effective solution if you cannot optimally turn the Rubik's Cube. You must understand its notation. A common symbol system is utilized to show you a cube's rotations and movements. Every move is symbolized by a letter, particularly the right face counterclockwise (R'), right face clockwise (R), and upper face clockwise (U).

The game will also have a move sequence (e.g., FRUR'U'). It means that:

  • F: There is R in the final solution; however, it mustn't be at position 1.
  • R: Don't have R in the final solution.
  • R': It is the fourth move to solve the cube. It isn't certain that R' will be in the final solution.
  • Tips for Playing Cuberdle

    Not all players know how to conquer the hidden Rubik’s Cube in Cuberdle, so the following tips are helpful for a new journey of discovery:

    1. You'd better equip certain strategies while controlling the cube. Click, drag, orchestrate, or seize maneuver for individual face turns.
    2. It would help you prepare for heightened challenges once you play this wordle game in hard and medium modes. For example, you must know that R and R' are opposite moves and will neutralize each other, removing them from the final solution.
    3. Also, in medium and hard mode, repeating a similar move twice in a row, such as F and F, will merge into one move (F2), contributing to increasing the game's difficulty.

    In general, Cuberdle is a unique combination of the Rubik's Cube manipulation and word puzzle game. Players can entirely immerse themselves in the Rubik's Cube moves. Equip spatial awareness and use logical brilliance to find the mysterious solution. Are you ready to start your challenging journey in the cube's puzzle-solving trip?

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