Daily Dozen Trivia

About The Daily Dozen Trivia Game

Word-guessing games are a common genre of puzzle games, but the word-related theme may seem boring to young players. Although famous names like Wordle or Octordle are million-player puzzle games, they may lose their fascination if they don’t know how to catch up with the demands of present players.

The Daily Dozen Trivia game enters the scene to fill in that void! In this game, players must answer questions about many well-known pieces of information that can be found in the daily entertaining moments of American people. It is brought to the public to make puzzle games more familiar to players and feature trendy topics.

The Daily Dozen Trivia game not only tests your knowledge of American culture but also serves as a helpful sidekick for becoming more acquainted with the American lifestyle.

How To Play The Daily Dozen Trivia Game?

The Daily Dozen Trivia game is a combination of questions ranging in many topics of an American citizen’s life, such as famous sports, TV shows, music, movies, and so on. You can decide to answer the question of a specific topic by choosing a square indicating the topic.

For instance, if you are confident with knowledge about cars, you can choose to deal with a question about cars. On the other hand, if you are a big fan of the MLB, don’t hesitate to go for a challenge with an MLB-based question.

Once you choose a topic, a question about it will be displayed, and the clock will start counting. The clock doesn't count backward; it just calculates how long it takes you to come up with a precise answer. The time used to find the answer will be recorded to evaluate your performance at the end.

There are 9 questions about 9 separate topics in the game. You only have one guess for each question and can’t change your answer. Therefore, only submit the answer after you make sure it is a perfect one.

Tricks For The Daily Dozen Trivia Game

Since the game only delivers questions about common topics, the facts about the topic will always be somewhere on the Internet.

If you play the game just to learn something about American culture, copy the question and find it on the Internet. We bet that you will get the correct answer within seconds.

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