Daily Words Fall

About Daily Words Fall

Daily Words Fall is a unique word puzzle game. Those players who are used to experiencing the traditional word-guessing versions will feel new with Daily Word Fall.

Every letter falls in turn; you must concentrate all your mental power to find and enter the correct words containing the suggestion letter before the letters fill the squares.

With the guessing chance in the day, players can only restart the following day. Therefore, this is a training game for your brain. Try to guess the exact word to achieve the final win!

Features That Attract Players

When playing Daily Words Fall, players will experience a variety of engaging features:

  • Letter-falling Grid: Like wood block puzzle games, letters in Daily Words Fall are also cascaded down the squares, creating many constant chances to guess words.
  • Yellow Letters: Look at yellow tiles and skip white squares. It's best to use these gold letters to enter the meaning of words (true to the game's answer) to optimize your score.
  • Score Calculating: Longer words will bring better scores. If players have effective strategies to optimize their guessing, they will get higher scores, especially for words with more letters.
  • Limited characters: This Wordle game provides a new puzzle daily, which features a limitation of letters. Players must use the available letters efficiently to get the best score possible.
  • Rankings: There are leaderboards to encourage players to compete against others worldwide for the top spot on the ranking.
  • How to Play

    For those who are newbies, tt isn't hard to start Daily Words Fall if you master the controls:

  • Virtual keyboard: Press the letters on that virtual keyboard to form the meaning of words in the grid.
  • Gold letters: When seeing the yellow characters falling, you must quickly think and fill in a word containing that gold letter. If you enter the words in the grid, you'll achieve a certain score. Of course, this is also a way to remove the letters.
  • Speed and thinking: The letters will constantly fall down the grid. Once they fully fill in the squares, the game will finish. So, you need to give the most accurate and fastest answer. Change the new word, in case you guessed wrong.
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