Learn About Dangle

Dangle is an exciting, challenging game for NHL fans. Every day, it provides a question for players who identify a mystery NHL character with limited guesses (no more than 8 tries).

By combining Wordle with Poeltl, the Dangle game has many nuances. After each guess, it points out age, former teams, or jersey number, as clues players must rely on, and then gives the proper answer in the next guesses.

What Features Does Dangle Have?

If you choose to access and play Dangle, you'll see its outstanding features:

  • NHL player guessing: Dangle gives the same question every day: Who is the MYSTERY PLAYER of the day? Based on your knowledge, it forces you to fill in a name exactly within eight tries.
  • Interactive Feedback: After each answer, the game will provide players with color-coded cells as suggestions to help narrow down the answer area.
  • Various attributes: We want to discuss the hidden NHL player attributes that Dangle offers, including former teams, age, and jersey number. These are important clues for players attempting to solve the question.
  • Daily challenges: The game will be reset after 8 hours to find a new mystery player, making players feel fresh with each playthrough.
  • How to Play Dangle

    Initially, you click vào "Show Silhouette," which will show the question: Who is the MYSTERY PLAYER of the day? You must correctly guess his name.

    The first name you can comfortably guess. It is important that the clue is offered later.

  • Green cells: These are accurate attributes.
  • Yellow cells: If there is an age cell, it means the area is two years old, and you're five numbers in the number column. From the team column, you can understand that this hidden character was used to playing this team in his career.
  • No color: There are no similarities.
  • You continue relying on these suggestions to guess. But remember that the limitation is 8 times. In case of the wrong answer in the eighth guess, you must wait 8 hours to restart.

    Whether you are looking for an interesting name puzzle game or an avid hockey fan, Dangle is environmental and exciting to experience. Come and play right now!

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