Daydle: An Addictive Game To Travel Back In Time

Are you a history buff or someone good at memorizing facts? Give Daydle a try to test your knowledge. It is a perfect game to have a blast while learning something new. The captivating gameplay enhances the brain's ability to receive and remember historical information.

Believe it or not, it is way more exciting than sitting through a boring lecture. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the exciting world of Daydle, where history mingles with gaming excitement to keep you entertained while gaining more insights.

How To Play The Daydle Game

Instead of a secret keyword like in the wordle game and other word-guessing spin-offs, Daydle is all about numbers. Every day you log into the game, a daily challenge comes onto the screen with a date when a historical event took place. Your task is to find out the year of that event based on available info and hints during the game.

You will get important information as soon as you hit the Play button - a specific historical trivia of the day. Nothing feels cooler than nailing the correct answer right off the bat. But do not stress if you cannot crack it right away. Just throw in random numbers; the system will help you with extra clues.

First, another historical hint associated with your guess pops up. The best part is it shows whether the mystery year occurred before or after your guess.

Additionally, the squares in the active grid transform themselves into different colors to guide you toward victory. There are four colors in total, and they all deliver important meanings.

A green tile shows you've got a correct digit. Blue shows the current number is close to the accurate answer; you'd better add or subtract a unit to reach the right answer. Red means you are off track, whereas white indicates unknown ones.

It is worth mentioning that you only have 6 tries to figure out four digits. If you cannot reach the goal within the allowed guesses, the daily challenge ends, and you lose. You cannot play again since Daydle offers only one game per day. Wait until midnight local time for a new challenge - that’s also a chance to redeem yourself.

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