About Devimot

Among many English word-guessing games, Wordle stands out as one of the most remarkable names due to its extraordinary reputation. Released during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, when people had much time off from the breakdown, it easily attained millions of players through its simple and exciting gameplay.

People who are not from an English-speaking country also want to enjoy the game, but the language barrier might turn them away. Don’t worry! Here, we’d like to introduce you to a Wordle-like version for French-speaking players, Devimot. It is a Wordle game but in French.

How To Play The Devimot Game?

Devimot comes with a 5x6 grid table, which means you will have six times to figure out a secret five-letter French word in the game. The French word you submit must be valid in the word sources and contain exactly 5 letters.

Once finishing filling the blank squares with a potential French word guess, don’t forget to press Enter to submit. This easy gameplay makes it a suitable choice for beginner French learners to practice their vocabulary in a fun way.

What Are The Colored Hints In Devimot?

The colors applied to letters in your guessed words are hints provided by the game. You can decode the meanings of clues as the following:

  • The green color represents the letters included in the hidden word, and you should leave them in a similar position in the next guess.
  • The yellow color is a sign of a nearly perfect guess. Yellow letters are also contained in the hidden word, but their orders in the guessed word are different from the correct orders of the solution word.
  • If a letter is not included in the secret word, it will remain in the colorless condition.
  • Why Playing The Devimot Game?

    Apart from the relaxing and joyful moments that the Devimot game brings, it can be considered a means of education for people learning French. Players can learn more new words and revise the already-known ones when playing.

    Furthermore, the game also helps to boost players' strategic and logical thinking by building up the most optional outcome from the given clues while saving the limited guesses.

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