DeWordle: A Game Or A Tool?

Like Wordle game and other spin-offs, DeWordle greets you with a familiar empty grid and color scheme. Behind this table are 2315 possible 5-letter keywords for the final answer. The system does not decide the word of the day but depends on your boot choice.

Suppose your target is "SHOUT." You start the game with all the current letters and words containing at least one, such as "HOUSE." Your input then translates to a 🟨🟨🟨🟨⬜ and a "matches 1898 words" message. In other words, 417 words in the vocabulary never create this pattern. Keep on going until a single possibility leads to your keyword.

How To Have Fun With DeWordle Game

Consider It A Game And Strive To Win

As you've seen, DeWordle's tricky rules make it a challenge for advanced players. You choose for yourself a starter word by creating a random pattern. There are two ways to develop your in-game experience. First, see how many turns you convert the pool of possibilities to a single word. Or conversely, generate as many patterns as possible out of 2,315 answers.

Share Your Wordle Results Without Spoilers

If you do not want your sharing from Wordle to affect other players in the community, set up a diagram based on the colored cubes from the published results.

Copy the Wordle process and enter the word used for each line by clicking the pencil icon. Once done with all your turns, tap on the Share button to copy them to your clipboard.

Reveal The Wordle Process Of Other Players

You can do the same as the steps above except enter keywords for each line. Instead, fill in the word of the day in the last row and let DeWordle do its job. The system then tells you all the potential words your friend might have used.

Create A Dummy Diagram

Want to show off your achievements but fail to win Wordle? Let DeWordle fake it! Enter the Wordle word of the date in the last row and increment the row number with a "+." Tap the squares to change color and disguise them as an attempt to win. If the system does not show "matches 0 answers", your valid diagram can fool even advanced players.

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