Diffle: An Unlimited Version Of Wordle

Have you ever thought of playing the Wordle game unlimitedly with no specific rules? If you want to experience these things, look no further than Diffle.

In contrast to other spin-offs, this game inherits only one of Wordle's most famous features - the iconic color scheme. Other than that, a whole new gameplay in Diffle, such as the unlimited number of tries and character length, will take you on an exciting journey. Does this make this game harder? Yes! More fun? Absolutely! Find out its rules below and start the challenge now!

To Play Diffle Game

The beginning of Diffle does not have a grid with predefined rows and columns like Wordle. In other words, the game places no limits on the length of inputs and the number of guesses. So, is it too easy? The truth is the opposite of what you expect because newbies probably don't know where to start.

Don't panic just yet! Simply type the first word that comes to your mind. The system then analyzes your answers and provides useful hints by changing the color of each tile, a feature inherited from the world-famous game Wordle.

Green shows you've put the letters correctly, while yellow means those letters are misplaced. Finally, gray characters indicate they are not part of the solution word. But wait; it is still not the funniest part. If you only work with these clues, you may never find the correct answer. Hence, the game gives you extra support through the shape of tiles.

Suppose a group of characters are linked in a tubular frame; you should keep their order the same in the next attempts.

There is another small detail worth noting. The first and last characters have a special shape. They come with a round edge on one side and a straight edge on the other. If it is the first letter of the keyword, the frame looks like "D" and vice versa.

So when do you win? The game continues until you solve the mystery keyword or give up. Keep on guessing until your answer shows up on the screen with all the green tiles connected. The faster you solve, the cooler you are.

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