What’s Dirdle?

The Dirdle game is a new variant of the wordle game that we all know and love. It adds a layer of depth to the game’s hint system, allowing experienced players to figure out a new way to play. The arrows and question marks bring a whole new level of fun that you will love.

How To Play Dirdle Game

At first glance, Dirdle is not that different from the classic Wordle game. It also requires the player to guess a five-letter word. However, once you put in your first guess, you will immediately see the difference in the hint system between the two games.

If you guess a character that does appear in the answer but in the wrong order, that character also turns yellow. There is a difference, though, as the character also displays an arrow telling you the direction that its correct position is.

The characters may also turn gray with a question mark. These have two cases: either they don’t appear in the word, or they appear but are misplaced. When you click the question mark, you get a new tip. If the word turns blue, it’s correct, but if it turns black, you should stop using it.

You do need to keep in mind that you only have seven chances to guess the word. If you use up all the chances without correctly guessing the answer, you will lose the game.

Tips To Play Dirdle

The best tip for Dirdle is the same as that for Wordle: use a good opener. It should be heavy on both consonants and vowels. For example, try out words like “crane” and “arose.” Even if they don’t hit the jackpot, they should hit at least one character, maximizing your clue-gathering process.

You should also make full use of the arrow in yellow letters. They point you to the letter’s correct direction. Utilizing them can cut the number of tries needed to figure the words out by half.

Of course, sometimes you should also embrace the weirdness and use a less common word. These wildcards can hit the jackpot when you least expect it.


Dirdle is undoubtedly an interesting take on the same old Wordle gameplay. Instead of the usual green, yellow, and gray color scheme, now you also get question marks and arrows. This new layer of depth challenges the player’s mind more, making them enjoy the game at a deeper level.

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