About Driverle

Despite having the name reminiscent of a sports game, Driverle is actually a puzzle game. It is based on the gameplay of the famous word-guessing Wordle. However, apart from picking the right secret word, Driverle game players will have to detect the exact hidden professional car drivers in the game.

The game consists of a list full of professional racers globally. Daily, one of the drivers will be taken as the hidden driver of the game for players to find out. You must have a decent knowledge of racers and car racing competitions around the world to win the game because the number of guesses will be limited.

How to Play The Driverle Game?

Driverle allows players to make a guess by typing a racer's name in the guessing box placed at the center of the screen. You can type the driver's name without knowing the entire name because the system can recognize and suggest some relevant names after you fill in some letters of the guessed name.

You will have 10 tries to figure out who the secret driver of the game is. Of course, the game will give you feedback or hints after each submitted guess.

Hints In The Game

The Driverle game gives you various figures about the hidden driver of the game. They are categorized into several sections, and you can comprehend the meaning as the following interpretation:

  • First Year: The year when the driver starts his professional career.
  • Last Year: The year when the driver retires from his professional races.
  • WCs: This statistic shows how many World Champions the secret driver has achieved.
  • Wins: The number of won races the driver has acquired so far.
  • Top 3s: The time when the driver finished his races in the top 3 positions.
  • Pnts: The total points of the driver since the beginning of his career.
  • Poles: The pole is the starting position of the driver in a particular race.
  • GPs: The number of times when the driver is qualified for a plot in the Grand Prix competition, which is the most precious competition a professional car racer can dream of.
  • Besides these statistics, the system also offers players some other clues:

  • The yellow color is for a correct number representing a statistic, but it is placed in the wrong column.
  • The green color indicates a perfectly correct answer.
  • The down arrow shows that the shown figure is higher than the precise figure.
  • On the contrary, the up arrow indicates that the figure shown is lower than the accurate figure.
  • Modifications Driverle

    You can adjust the range of years when drivers start their careers. For instance, if you choose to play from 2020 to 2024, all the drivers activated from before 2024 will be eliminated from the list.

    Furthermore, you can switch between the Daily and the Infinite mode. The Daily mode allows you to play only one challenge daily, but the Infinite mode offers you unlimited time to enjoy the game.

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