Duotrigordle Introduction

Among Wordle's spin-offs, Duotrigordle stands out for its sheer difficulty. Is 16 keywords the maximum limit for brainstorming? The answer is NO. This version comes up with double quizzes to test your inference.

Duotrigordle Game - 32 times Harder Than Its Predecessor

Duotrigordle is an advanced spin-off of Wordle. Besides the increased difficulty aimed at professional players, the game receives compliments from Internet users for its favorable setting of the number of plays per day.

Specifically, the system refreshes and provides a new grid every 15 hours, so the participants have up to two daily challenges. Additionally, you can take advantage of historical challenges or practice modes to improve your skills.

How To Play Doutrigordle

As a twin to Wordle, Doutrigordle inherits similar outstanding characteristics from its predecessor. However, the conditions are adjusted to be more favorable for solving 32 mysterious keywords.

For instance, participants receive 37 turns for their tough mission. Whatever grid you solve first, victory only belongs to people who complete all the mini-grids in one go.

The rest of this game is no different from other options on the market, including the color scheme and in-game operation. You trigger your challenge with a random word, and it makes sense with other grids.

The system then evaluates the accuracy of each individually and displays its hints in three standard colors (that's right, it is when you collect hints for the next moves).

Green shows you have hit the target for the current tiles. If you come across yellow, consider changing the letter spot within its keyword. Unfortunately, gray indicates that your prediction has gone off track.

Essential Tips To Win This Game

Make Good First Moves

Like other siblings in the universe, Duotrigordle requires a clever strategy to unlock keyed keys. The good news is that you can take advantage of the lessons accumulated from previous games in this title.

Most importantly, collect as many hints as possible for the first few turns instead of rushing into inference. We recommend perfect starting words like AUDIO, CRYPT, CRANCE, SAUCE, etc. What they have in common is the variety of vowels and the preference for common consonants.

Pay Attention To The Virtual Keyboard

After input, players find that each letter key on the virtual keyboard keeps up with what's new on the grid. In other words, you can keep track of the abundance of data at any time without scrolling through the puzzles.

Without a doubt, this feature is your weapon in synthesizing the hints and making decisions. For instance, map out a logical route for those that appear commonly in keywords. Finding a suitable location in a single answer may give you specific instructions on other isolated grids.


It's never easy to win Duotrigordle on the first try, so do not give up. Your brain needs to get used to intense practice and multi-inference for the most effective moves. Feel free to take a break or seek support if you are overwhelmed.

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